Eitan Ori Behar

D.O.B:  21/03/1979          Jerusalem, Israel

052-609-1715     eitan@eitanbehar.org


2011-Pres:  Director, Center for Diaspora Communications & Countering Antisemitism, World Zionist Organization

Global network serving as information center for Zionist activists


  • Managed long-term hasbarah and new-media projects on countering Antisemitism
  • Disseminated tools for countering Antisemitism online, organized conferences and lectures
  • Established worldwide network of Zionist  activists dedicated to connecting with Israel
  • Recruited activists and volunteers to maintain multilingual online database with new media tools

2008-9: Website Editor and Manager, Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Edited official blogs in English and Hebrew, managed supporting groups and maintained direct liaison with Netanyahu's office and party headquarters
  • Prepared news updates and maintained direct contact with site users through new media
  • Designed marketing material, planned advertising strategies, and wrote articles for site content
  • Established database for supporters, facilitating contact between them and Tel Aviv headquarters

2007-8: Consultant on Foreign Relations, Zionist and Political Organizations

  • Wrote articles, scheduled meetings with global communities and raised funds
  • Delivered pro-Israel speeches at community centers, churches and synagogues across the US
  • Built and maintained new contacts with individuals, private groups and governmental organizations

2005-7: Personal Assistant to the CEO, World Betar

  • Organized educational activities, arranged trips to Israel, marketed fundraising materials
  • Assisted with absorption of new immigrants from English-speaking countries to Israel

2001-4: Education Emissary, Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Organized workshops, conferences and PR events for Israel in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Arranged regular meetings with local and national government officials
  • Managed aliyah and Jewish youth education programs
  • Initiated new Zionist educational projects in partnership with major American Jewish organizations


2009:     Executive Training Course, Bar Ilan University

2009:     Public Relations Spokesperson Course, Israeli Center for Mass Media

2009:     Project Journalism & Press Card, Israel Communications & Press Association

2004-7: B.A. in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy (English-language track), Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya

Specialization in Middle Eastern Studies, Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism


English – Fluent | Hebrew – Fluent | Spanish -Conversational | Arabic– Conversational | Turkish– Basic


  • 2000-1: Israeli Navy Representative, Naval School
  • Missile Ship Combat Soldier, Israeli Navy (1998-2000)